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I recently got a request for a Chaplain for a retirees memorial service.
The Retired Association currently does not a have a formal Chaplain (s).
It would be nice to have several Chaplains for the Association so that we may call on them for situations like this, but also to visit some of our Brothers and Sisters that are hospitalized or home recuperating from surgery, injury or illness.
The first request I have is for Sunday, May 21st at the Lodge to conduct the opening prayer for the Memorial Service.
If you are interested in serving as a Chaplain for the Retired Officers Association please let me know. I would like to create an on call list or email list for Chaplains that we could utilize to make notifications and send these types of requests to.
Vice President, Diane Salen
Please take a minute to go to this web site. It could help many of us in an emotional way.
Phil Constantino
Attention Retirees!
CopLine needs volunteers to work the lines! They have an upcoming training in September in New Jersey (a rare east coast training) Hard but rewarding training- won’t you give it a try?
Any questions, I may be able to help or at least get an answer for you!!
CopLine – – is a non-profit organization and we are looking for retired police officers who are interested in volunteering with an international hotline for law enforcement officers. We assist police, deputy sheriff, highway patrol officers both active duty and retired as well as their family members in times of need. If callers seek mental health support then we provide them with referrals to vetted professionals.
CopLine is a 24/7/365 hotline that only retired law enforcement officers are allowed to operate and our program is always in need of additional officers who would be willing to assist on the hotline. Our volunteers are from various ranks and agencies from across the country who still maintain a “servant’s heart”.
This is a great opportunity to give back to those still wearing the badge and serving our communities. I cannot think of a more satisfying call to take than one from a fellow officer experiencing difficult moments who oftentimes has no one to turn to. CopLine is confidential hotline and most callers often remain anonymous.
All potential candidates are trained in active listening. The classroom training (40 hours) is at no cost to the volunteers and our lead instructor is a police psychologist from LAPD Behavior Science Services. Our next training will be held at the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office in Monmouth, New Jersey on September 7-11th. Potential volunteers can go to the webpage and click on Volunteer in the upper right hand corner, then click on the LINK to complete a mandatory questionnaire.
If anyone has any interest in seeking volunteer work please reach out via our website at If anyone has any questions feel free to contact Jim Alvarez (LAPD Retired) at


Brothers and Sisters: The Retired Association has received offers from both active and retired members to assist any member in need of assistance with food or supplies. Don't be shy. Please email or call the Retired Association if you need help or if you know of any member who needs assistance.

It is with great sorrow that the Association is notified of the Death of Michael Eubank #1070, more commonly known as “Airborne”
Airborne passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.
Please keep his wife Terry and the rest of the Eubank family in your thoughts and prayers.
Services: Heart of God Ministries 1703 So.Kanawha St. Berkley West Virginia 25801 on December 8, 2023

It is with great sorrow that the Association is notified of the Death of Brother Kenny Fowler. The Association has not received information regarding Services. We will notify you as soon as we are notified of arrangements.
Please keep the Fowler family in your thoughts and prayers.




It is with Deep Sorrow that the Retired Association is notified of the death of Majory Gael Dusseau mother of Brother Dan Dusseau
Majory Dusseau passed away on November 17, 2023, she is predeceased by her husband of 58 years Edgar Dusseau
Visitation: Monday, December 4, 2023 2-4 and 6-8
Lee Funeral Home 8200 Jennifer Lane, Owings Md 20736
Mass: Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Jesus the Good Shepherd Cemetery 160 W. Mount Harmony Road Owings MD 20736
Please keep the Dusseau family in your thoughts and prayers


It is with Sadness that we announce the Death of William Ray Patterson Jr. The father of Julie Patterson (civilian Employee) He passed at Doctors hospital ,Sunday morning at 2:04am unexpectedly. Arrangements will be announced when completed.

Brothers and Sisters the Association has received the following information from Brother Harry Toren
Larry Jensen has been admitted to Calvert Hosp today (10/29), and will be scheduled for gallbladder surgery this week. He has been assigned a room (311) and his son requested no visitors at this time.
Please keep Larry in your prayers for a speedy recovery.
Brothers and Sisters here is an update on President Phil Constantino from Carol.>br> Well it has been a few days since I have let everyone know how Phil is doing. I wanted to wait until all his test results (CT scans with and without contrast, EEG, MRI, Blood work and labs, etc) were in and I had spoken with his medical team, before I posted anything.
Phil has had 2 strokes, one caused by blood thinners that he takes for the precaution for blot clots which caused another brain bleed. The other stroke was caused by low blood pressure which is hard to believe since he has always had high blood pressure, but after his stroke in January they had him on so much blood pressure medicine that it did lower his pressure but too much that the blood was unable to flow correctly to his brain. The one stroke was on the left side of his brain which caused some weakness on his right side (arm and leg) which doesn’t help at all since this was he good side (left side is the hip that needs replaced badly). The other stroke which was the brain bleed has caused slurring in his speech. All in all, he is doing fairly well.
He was transferred last night out of the ICU and placed in a regular room on the stroke/neuro floor at Georgetown Hospital. They advised he didn’t need to be in ICU since he is breathing on his on and the bleeding has not gotten any larger, but they would continue watching him carefully. They are trying to get his medicines straight so this does not happen again. They told me, Phil is a medical mystery because it is like a balancing act, trying to keep his blood thin enough to make sure he doesn’t develop blood clots but not to thin that it causes the brain bleeds. Also, they are trying to get his blood pressure under control, but they do not want it too low, so they need it just high enough to pump blood to the brain correctly.
I want to thank everyone for their well wishes, thoughts and prayers and please continue to pray for a full recovery. I think he has a long road to recovery, but we all know how stubborn and determine Phil is, so I’m sure he will do it.

Brothers & Sisters please keep Laura Boone Sisk in your thoughts and Prayers.
Update on Retired Officer Laura Boone Sisk, #1063, who had open heart surgery on September 1. Please keep her in your prayers. From Laura’s daughter 9-25-23: “Update on mom!! She will be going to Sage Point in La Plata for her rehab. They just called me to set up her admissions and dialysis days. She will be heading there this afternoon/evening.” From Laura 9-15-23: “Don't expect to hear from me often. I had my open heart surgery and have had complications. I'm being transferred from Washington Hospital Center to a rehab in LaPlata in a few hours. I mostly keep in touch with my daughter Jenny and my best friend Ginny. As I get better I might post more often.”
She can receive text messages and would love to hear from folks. Her cell number is 443-949-5606.

The Retired Association would like to notify you that Brother Bob Zidek #19 fell last week while visiting a friend and broke a few ribs and had 20+ stitches in his knee.
While recovering from this, he developed some intestinal and kidney issues which landed him in the ICU in Winchester Hospital on Friday. Today, Bob woke with severe pain and under went surgery where they repaired a hole in his intestines.
At this time, we are asking for thoughts and prayers, but no phone calls/text messages nor visitors.
I will give updates as they are known.

From Brother Tommy Nylund: Got word today that my old partner in homicide Dave Hatfield suffered a heart attack several days ago. His wife Yvonne said he had a couple of stents and is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation and cannot take calls at this time.
Brothers and Sisters please keep Brother Bob Drummond in your thoughts and prayers
Brother Bob Drummond — had Achilles Tendon surgery in September. It apparently got infected and he’s been in and out of the hospital, completely unable to use his legs.
His wife posted this on Bob’s page earlier this evening: “Well, here we go again. Bob's been back in the hospital for 5 days now. Sometime today he is being transferred to Franklin Square Hospital for what is described as a complicated neck surgery which will hopefully allow him to walk again but only after intense PT. We don't have all the information yet but the doctors seem to want it done sooner rather than later so surgery is tomorrow. We will keep you posted. Prayers again. Donna”
Please keep Bob and Donna in your thoughts and prayers.

From Sister Diane Salen Brothers and Sisters please keep my mother, Barbara Willin in your prayers. My mom has been released from the hospital and is currently in rehab to continue treatment for her infection and regain some strength. She is expected to be in rehab for one to two weeks. I am in Lewes Delaware with my Mom while Rick is holding down things at home. Please keep my Mom in your prayers for a speedy recovery. I am doing my best to keep up with the Association Business but please bear with me if there is a delay in my response to any of your emails or inquiries.

Just wanted to update on Dad's (Freddie) condition. He was a Anne Arundel for internal bleed. He has been sent to Hermitage Rehab in Solomons for at least 2 weeks. Visitors are welcome but you have to wear a mask. We have tweaked his DBS so he is a little bit better to understand. Any questions or just want to say Hi. Mom (Sandy) can be reached at 301-855-4309.
Thanks ! Theresa

The Retired Association has received the following information from Mary Caudill
I am requesting prayers for my husband, Russ Caudill Ret. ID 824. He was admitted into the hospital on 7/20/23 and discharged 7/26/23.
Russ is no longer able to walk nor stand due to the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. He is home now facing yet another round of painful PT and OT.
Thank you all. We totally believe in the power of prayer as exemplified by the many prayers sent for him over the past 8 years. May God bless each and every one of you.

Brothers and Sisters please keep my mother, Barbara Willin in your prayers. My mom was transported to Beebe Hospital in Lewes Delaware last Thursday for extremely low blood pressure. It has since been determined that she is suffering from a severe infection. She has been making some progress but is still very sick. I am in Lewes Delaware with my Mom while Rick is holding down things at home. Please keep my Mom in your prayers for a speedy recovery. I am doing my best to keep up with the Association Business but please bear with me if there is a delay in my response to any of your emails or inquiries. I am spending all day at the hospital and service there can be spotty.

  From Jimmy Stewart: 5-28-20
Hope you are doing well. I successfully contacted KC Brown last week. The 10-40 you gave me is his residence in Accokeek and I spoke with his wife Billy Jean. KC is currently an in-patient care at the Restore Health Rehabilitation Center, 4615 Einstein Pl, White Plains, MD 20695 (240) 448-2000) and they of course don’t allow visitors at this time. He suffered a stroke a few months ago but is in good spirits and recovering.
KC wanted me to give you his cell phone number, and his OK for you to give it out. He’s on: 240 448-2054. He sends his regards and best wishes to everyone. We spent a little while reliving those “...Thrilling days of Yesteryear…” I’ll be checking with him at least weekly and will let you know of anything changes.




Retired Officer Melvin Cheshire is being moved to Bridge Point Long Term Care Hospital at 223 7th St. NE Washington DC Room 2005
Family ask that there be No Phone Calls or Visits at this time.






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