Membership Renewal Reminder
Hello everyone,
Hope this message find you and your family well. As we all know 2020 was a crazy year, that being said this is final reminder for 2021 dues. I have about 122 members that have not paid their dues. The dues form went out as a separate email in early September and was not in the October newsletter as it usually is. I know that many of you pay your dues at the October, November or December meeting, because we didn't have those meeting and with all the crazy things going on with Covid and the US Postal Service I think members just forgot. I noticed that many of the members that pay at the meetings are on the list.
I will be deleting email addresses at the end of February if you would like to stay in the loop and receive information please send your dues in. Please feel free to contact me at if you need to check if you are current.
Thanks Toni

If you wish to renew your membership with the PGPD RETIREES ASSOCIATION, Print, fill out this application and mail it to the address on the form.

If you have ANY questions about this, call: Toni Frostbutter: (240)472-2584 or

Only dues current members receive the newsletter.

To save this form right click on the form and select save picture as.

Please fill out the above form and submit a $25 Check, payable to the: P.G. RETIRED POLICE ASSOCIATION,
mail Form & Check to:

P.O. BOX 510
Lothian Md. 20711
OR, BRING IT WITH YOU TO THE NEXT MEETING (1st Wed. of each month)

Last updated: 2/16/12