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From Brother Hubie Farrell:
Good Morning,
My Step son works at the ATF, and they are looking to hire contract investigators. I am not sure how this works with the Job Announcements.
Here is what he sent me, with the link and other information to follow should this be ok to list on the site? Please let me know how to get this information to you.
ATF is looking to advertise its vacancies pertaining to our national Contract Background Investigation Program (CBIP). The ATF CBIP is used to hire and retain experienced investigators to conduct ATF background investigations for contractor and Federal applicants. We have vacancies across the US and are looking to publish this vacancy with the national FOP and hopefully have it disseminated to the local FOP offices as well. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Kevin Mawyer II Special Deputation Program Lead
Personnel Security Branch Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
99 New York Avenue NE, 1.E-300 Washington, DC 20226
(202) 648-9260 (Office) (202) 648-9556 (Fax)

My daughter works for a cyber security company and they are seeking to hire someone with Emergency/Incident Command experience. Attached is a job description. Perhaps you or a retiree knows of a qualified person. They are seeking immediate help. Could you send this out to the retiree's or post on a site? I'm not sure what you all do in terms of job postings. They can call my daughter for more on the salary, etc.
Thank you and I hope all is well! Diane Richardson #1418

From: Erica Richardson []
In support of contract we have with NGA.
Person will report to a program manager on-site.

Erica Richardson
Recruiter & Marketing Specialist, Helm Point Solutions 240-682-2206
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