PGPD Retiree's Ass'n Florida Chapter

And Dinners, Too!


On September 27, 2016 the lunchbunch met at Nestor's Restaurant in Ft. Myers Fl.

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Pictured are:Left to Right Tom Murphy - Mike Flaherty - Gary Johnson - Tom Bower (Ret. MSP) - Bob Baschlin - Binky Schachner - Bruce Lyon - Hap. Ruslander - Bob Murphy - "Spud" Blake - Frank Nelson - Bob Howard - Charlie Kessler - Dick McNally - Jerry Menear.

A Great time was had by all, along with some great food.


2017 John Parker Memorial Lunch

Friday February 17, 2017
Swamphouse Grill, Debary, Florida

Mike Flaherty - Bob Murphy - Pete Quimby - Tom Murphy - Leo Rossiter - Elmer Tippett - Paul Noblitt - Bill Gallagher - Larry & Carol Doman - Bruce Lyon - Alec & Deborah Puschel - Richard "Rabbit" Donnelly - Richard & Nancy McNally - Al & Judy Hall - Paul Freed - Jack Powell - Bob Phillips - John Rhoads - J.T. Moore - R J & Jan McLamb - Tony Leo - Dan Olds - Gene Wiles - Tony Narr - Mike Landrum - Sallie Musser - Gary & Shelly Pickering - FOP President, John "Zeek" Teletchea - Tom & Mary Nylund - Gary Parish - Jack Cherba - Jim Harmon - Tommy Prather - Paul Mazzei Jr.

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In this photo -Right to Left- Bob Phillips-"Zeek" Teletchea-Dick McNally-John Rhoads-Paul Mazzie Jr-Gary Pickering-Leo Rossiter-Elmer Tippett-Gene Wiles-Mike Landrum-Larry Doman-Tony Leo-Paul Freed-Pete Quimby-Tommy Nylund-Alec Pueschel-Paul Noblett-Tom Prather-Al Hall -Tony Narr-Bill Gallagher-J.T. Moore-R.J. McLamb-Bruce Lyon-Jack Powell-Jack Cherba-Dan Olds-Gary Parish-Richard Donnelly-Bob Murphy-Mike Flaherty-Jim Harmon-Tom Murphy.










Port Charlotte Roll Call

Roll Call is held First Friday of each month

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Kenny Bogue, "Spud" Blake, Frank "Bubba" Nelson, John Stansbury, "Binkey" Schachner, Bruce Lyon.


Lunch is held second, third and last Wednesday of each month


In Photo 1: Bruce Gentile, Paul Owens, Harry Toren, John SanFelice, John Magrogan, Mickey Ferriter. Photo 2:Becky Harden, Rob Taylor, Tom Gross, Steve Holton.

Feb.18, 2016 Lunch Bunch Marie's Diner photo courtesy of Ginny Krants.


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