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2018 John Parker Memorial Lunch

Friday February 16, 2018
Milliken's Reef, Port Canaveral Florida

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In this photo -Left to Right - Kneeling: Al Chertok - Bob Baeschlin -
Bob Murphy -Tom Murphy - Richard Donnelly
Standing: Left to Right are - John Lloyd - Bob Phillips - Alec Pueschel - Pete Salocks - John Rhoads - Elmer Tippett - Jim Harmon - Paul Reese - Mike Flaherty - John Bond - Bill Hogewood - Lori Parker - Leo Rossiter - Benny Gilbreath - Cliff Brinkley - Butch Porter - Ransom McLamb - Milt Crump - Dan Olds - Ed Kollmann - Larry Doman - Gary Parrish - Paul Noblett - Al Hall - Gary Johnson - Tony Narr - Frank Nelson - J T Moore - Zeek Teletchea - Richard McNally - Chris Smith - Angelo Consoli.






Today We Honored Mrs. Lori Parker wife of Sgt. John Parker (Deceased) who was the driving force in starting the Florida Chapter of the Retiree's Assoc. and our lunchbunches. Also we Honored are oldest living retiree Sgt. Robert "Bob" Baeschlin.





This Year we had 53 Attendies in all and I would encourage others to attend Next Years event, or maybe a lunchbunch held in your area.



Port Charlotte Roll Call

Please put this in your calendars and you'll be sent emails for the locations. Text messages will also be sent out.

Bob McDaniel mentioned that Bob and Nancy Edgar are looking to come down from Lake City for the February meeting and join us for the "Roll Call". It will be great to see them both again.

The rule of thumb is that it will be on the last Thursday of the month unless holidays interfere.
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The November and December Roll Calls will interfere with the holidays.

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FEBRUARY 22,2018




Lunch is held second, third and last Wednesday of each month


In Photo 1: Bruce Gentile, Paul Owens, Harry Toren, John SanFelice, John Magrogan, Mickey Ferriter. Photo 2:Becky Harden, Rob Taylor, Tom Gross, Steve Holton.

Feb.18, 2016 Lunch Bunch Marie's Diner photo courtesy of Ginny Krants.


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